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'Battlestar Galactica': Felix Gaeta did what?!?!

January 31, 2009 |  3:42 am

The coup on "Battlestar Galactica" helped bring back a sense of danger and intrigue that we may not have realized was lost. Starbuck is back to being awesome, Lee has picked up a gun again, Adama and Tigh are back-to-back in the trenches, and despite her objections, Laura Roslin again has taken up the mantle of leadership.

Cast_gaeta_2The catalyst for the trouble? A disgruntled Lt. Felix Gaeta. It's understood, to a point. A hero during the occupation, he was almost executed as a traitor. While helping to find Earth, he was shot and lost his leg in a faux mutiny. The Earth was found to be a nuked wasteland, his fellow CIC officer Dee committed suicide (that one still hurts), and there was suddenly an olive branch extended to the murderous Cylons who started this whole thing. Yeah, the reasoning is there. Frustration had built.

But taking over Galactica by force seems a bit extreme.

It's just the sort of thing Tom Zarek would help orchestrate. Yes, it was Felix's idea, but it has taken on Zarekian tones. When things turn, which they will, we'll have to see how honorable Felix's intentions are, or if he was just reacting out of some kind of frustrated rage.

Roslin had just finished telling her lover Adama that she would not be pulled back into the political maelstrom, but the threat of Zarek as president had her quickly denouncing the violence and the coup Battlestargalactica2008031702331993 over the wireless.

It was that action, along with Starbuck and Lee back together again, Chief Tyrol helping others escape, and Baltar just being ineffective, that has helped put the characters back in familiar pockets for viewers.

So, when I was watching the end, I was wondering if it was just a concussion grenade thrown into the small room that may just knock Adama and Tigh around. But from the promos for next week, it seems like it did a bit more than that. Tigh dead? Adama blinded (or just blindfolded), and Roslin screaming in her scary voice, "I'm coming for all of you!"

Been waiting to see what that was all about. And next, we get to see the Cylons on board the base star again. Hopefully the show will  explore what their reaction was to finding Earth, as well. They've been looking for it for a long time, too, and may have some other theories.

-- Jevon Phillips

Photos: Sci-Fi Channel

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