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'The Hills': Spencer proposes again, this time with tequila

December 15, 2008 | 10:24 pm

SpencerAfter hearing about their almost-were nuptials a couple of weeks ago, it was finally time to watch Spencer propose to Heidi in "The Hills." That is, for the second time.

Remember the first time he tried? On a beach in Santa Barbara? He got mushy and talked about wanting to spend the rest of his life with her? And then he disregarded all her feelings and desires to plan a traditional wedding and instead pushed the idea of eloping in Cabo? Remember it caused them to split up?

Now, after watching Monday's episode, we know where he went wrong. D'oh! He forgot the Patron!

Equipped properly this time, Spencer was able to sway Heidi into saying the magical words he'd longed to hear -- "Let's just go do it. Let's do it." -- in just 10 swift moves. Let's relive the romance:

10. After arriving, Spencer explained to Heidi why alone time in Mexico is good. In Mexico, nothing get in the way, not "your former best friend, your sister, your mom, my" No pesky friends and family to interfere with the power of the Patron.

9. He promised not to let the Montag women get to him: "I will try and work on not letting your family affect me." Or my master plan.

8. He ordered plenty of tequila but made made sure Heidi was still semi-lucid before going in for the kill: "Are you even going to remember this conversation? I know how you get after a little Patron."

7. Then he dropped the bomb: "What if we were to go and get married and not tell anyone?"

6. Yikes, she wasn't drunk enough yet. "You are loca en la cabeza," she said. But he pushed: "It's the only way it's going to work."

5. He called for reinforcements: "Senor, dos shots Patron."

4. After making sure she got it all down -- "Oh, you're gnarley. Did you just finish that?" -- he dived right back in: "I'm being so serious. I want to marry you. We don't have to tell anyone. It's a secret Mexico wedding. It's for us."

3. She still was not convinced, so he turned defensive: "I just don't want to be in a relationship that's not going anywhere. I'm ready to get married and take it to the next level."

2. Then he delivered the clincher: "Heidi Montag, when I’m with you, you make me wanna be nicer and that’s why I’m madly obsessed with you. It’s pretty apparent in the fact that I haven’t left your side in pretty much two-and-a-half years. I pretty much keep you from the whole world. You are just my angel."

1. Huzzah! She gave in. MTV's cameras captured all the action, but still, he double-checked: "You sure?"

Just call him Casanova Pratt.

-- Denise Martin

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Photo: Spencer Pratt  Credit: MTV