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'Gossip Girl': Good mourning, Chuck

December 9, 2008 |  7:25 am

Gg_chuckfuneral Emotions ran high on last night's "Gossip Girl" as everyone grappled with Bart's death and the secrets that emerged from it. It was definitely the most intense episode to date: The sight of Chuck disheveled, drunk and enraged arguably topped Serena at the peak of her bad-girl stage, and the revelation of Lily and Rufus' love child provided the icing on the cake.

One secret does remain: How exactly did Bart Bass die? We know he was in an "accident," but what happened? Did a garbage truck plow head-first into his limo? Did a mad horse on one of those Central Park carriages run loose and trample him as he rushed to the Snowflake Ball? We never find out. All that matters is that he's gone and his death has forced everyone to reflect on what (or who) is important in life.

For Chuck, it's coming to terms with being the richest orphan in New York. His inevitable self-destructive and vindictive behavior was effectively conveyed by Ed Westwick, who must have stayed up for three days straight to achieve those undereye circles. There were touches of melodrama -- his wobbly walk, the extra-smarmy looks he gave to the private eye, his renouncing Eric as his brother -- but none were as satisfying and sympathetic as the scene of him crying in Blair's arms. B also deserves some praise for her touching speech pleading him not to leave and for her courage to say, "I love you." I was definitely crying on the inside. 

For Lily, the most important thing is her reunion with Rufus, who's willing to wait "six months or six years" if that's what it takes. Until, of course, he finds out from Celia that he and Lily conceived a child during their courtship.  As much as I love Lily and Rufus together, they're destined to be the couple that never gets their happily ever after. It remains to be seen whether the pregnancy was terminated at the French hospital or if Lily put the child up for adoption. He or she may be wandering Europe looking for birth parents. If that's the case, I smell a spinoff!

As for Serena and Dan, we'll have to wait a few more episodes until we get a long-awaited reunion. She may have gone to Buenos Aires with Aaron, but she looked more interested in her neck pillow than him. I'd like to see Dan move on with another girl while Serena is away. He deserves to be the subject of some unrequited love too.

Wedged between the despair and the drama was the sweetness of Eleanor and Cyrus' wedding. Their sizable height difference and her habits of feeding and patting him like a pet are hilarious yet endearing and he makes the perfect stepfather for Blair. Who didn't utter an "awww" during their cute embrace?

Since it'll be almost a month until the next new episode of "Gossip Girl," we are left to ruminate on the possibilities of Season 2's next half over our spiked eggnog. Is Lily and Rufus' love child alive? Where will Chuck run to, and under what circumstances will he return? Will Serena and Dan ever reunite?


--Enid Portuguez

Photo credit: The CW