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'Grey's Anatomy': Midnight madness

November 21, 2008 |  8:13 am

Greysanatomy What a bumpy night it was for "Grey's Anatomy."

Lexie and her secret society decided to remove new intern Sadie’s appendix and nearly killed her in the process. BFF’s Cristina and Meredith saved the day but then turned on each other in a blowout fight. Mark revealed he had awful, disinterested parents. George finally got the memo that Lexie’s in love with him. And a self-proclaimed “married, betrayed, gay, abandoned” Callie mused that things surely couldn’t get any worse, only to have her nose broken by a freaked out patient with night terrors.

But I’m guessing most of the morning-after chatter is gonna revolve around Izzie and Denny, the sexual-healing ghost. That’s right, the Seattle Grace resident and her very dead ex-fiancé apparently did the deed last night, something they never got to do when Mr. Duquette was alive. There was moaning, thunder and lightning so it seems the experience was pretty rockin’ for those involved. Can’t wait to hear how it was for you. Because while Izzie doesn't have a brain tumor, my own head hurts trying to make sense of this whole thing. I had strong reservations about Denny’s reappearance but since it became apparent a couple of weeks ago that the guy wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I’ve tried to be more open to his unconventional recoupling with Izzie. After all, creator/executive producer Shonda Rhimes is a smart lady who has managed to sell us on some incredible “Grey’s” romances in the past. But tonight made me nervous. The bizarre developments just keep coming. What’s next? Izzie and Denny finally get their dream wedding?

Speaking of bizarre developments, what about Alex’s patient, the hypochondriac wife who believed she had stomach cancer but really needed a -- wait for it -- fecal transplant? At one point, the woman's husband actually shouted -- and I can’t believe I’m actually typing this -- “No poop! No poop for you!” What about that, indeed. Sometimes, there are just no words. At least not any good ones.

So I'll turn it over to you. What did you guys think of this week’s installment?

-- Shawna Malcom

(Photo courtesy ABC)