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'Grey’s Anatomy': Flooding with emotion

October 10, 2008 |  8:21 am

Greys After a season premiere packed with faux shocks -- Derek proposes marriage! Rose is carrying Derek’s baby! Derek dies! –– last night’s “Grey’s Anatomy” wisely focused on the realities of life at Seattle Grace, where changes worth making take time and the things that are broken are not so easily fixed.

The episode began with Meredith, true to form, trying to wiggle her way out of a relationship -- though this time it was with her therapist (the always fab Amy Madigan). She’s back together with Derek, she’s happy (or at least as happy as Meredith is capable of being), so she must be cured, right? Derek is similarly deluded: He thinks now that he’s moved in with Meredith, she’ll do the mature thing and ask Izzie and Alex to, you know, move out. “That was your life,” he told her, after whipping out the tape measure in Izzie’s room, which he envisioned as his home office, and turning on the full force of his McDreamyness. “This is our life. And I’m excited about building our life together.”

But building a life with a commitment-phobe, as he was reminded yet again, requires baby steps. Was there ever really any doubt that Meredith would choose, at least for now, to keep her roommates around? Probably not. But I liked how even her cancer patient called her out on it. I also liked how the possibility of getting kicked to the curb affected Alex and Izzie. He, naturally, played the jerk card and rebuffed her offer to move into an apartment together even though his only other option seemed to be living out of his car. But he also appeared to realize by the end of the episode that he has legitimate feelings for his fellow resident. Your new Grey’s Show Tracker, for one, hopes Shonda Rhimes is planning to develop an Alex-Izzie romance for real this time -- for many reasons, not the least of which is that Denny Duquette should never, ever be resurrected in a flashback/dream sequence/whatever again. Don’t get me wrong: Denny was a good man. And he was most certainly a fan fave. But he died, and he deserves to rest in peace.

Elsewhere, George struggled to retake his intern exam, and Hahn freaked when she learned Callie had been sharing details of their relationship with, of all people, Sloan (can’t say I blamed her, though how sweet was it when she finally admitted to her girl that perhaps what really bugged her was the fact that he had seen her naked?). The Chief -- still frustrated by Seattle Grace’s slippage to No. 12 in the annual hospital rankings -- laid down some new rules: No more specializing for newbie residents, no more favors in the OR and no more getting emotionally involved with the patients. But c’mon, this is ‘Grey’s’: Personal relationships are always gonna rank No. 1. So those rules can’t stick, right? But I gotta say, the whole underdog thing is working and fitting for a show that, for a while, had lost its way. You can’t help but root, once again, for Seattle Grace, especially when its pipes are bursting, its ceilings are collapsing and water is coursing through its hallways.

A couple more thoughts:

-- I’m not quite buying the crush that Lexie has on George. But I’m kinda intrigued by the one Sloan is developing for her.

-- Cristina, feeling constrained by her promise to support Meredith, finally let loose in an all sorts of awesome speech directed at the shrink. But what I really can’t wait for? The return of Army doc Hunt (Kevin McKidd). He and Cristina had sparks for days, no?

-- Shawna Malcom

(Photo courtesy ABC)