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Villains could save 'Heroes'

September 22, 2008 |  3:36 pm

Heroes6_k7et0wnc In baseball terms, for many it's the bottom of the ninth for "Heroes." The stalwarts -- those who stood in the heat in the long line leading into Hall H in San Diego back in July -- have already gotten to see half of tonight's 2-hour season premiere. We'll be there anyway to watch, root for, or even chastise the show. But we'll be there.

The casual television watcher who comes in and out, viewing programs only when they hear about them being good, fell off last year. And with good reason. There's more programming on broadcast television and cable and the Internet than there's ever been, and every show, whether it's "Heroes" or "How I Met Your Mother," has to keep ahold of their fans through great characters, sparkling dialogue and engaging situations. And a majority of "Heroes" didn't do that last year.

With online specials, books and more, the show was able to stay in view (if you were looking).  Masi in "Get Smart," Kristen in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," Ali filming a movie with Beyonce, Zach in the upcoming "Star Trek," Hayden with her music and magazine covers and Milo turning 30 and going on a USO tour (which we'll have pictures of later).

Life didn't stop for them, but hopefully, though reviewers were only allowed to see the first hour of the show, life can be enriched a little by having a full season, pared down storylines for our main characters, more 'danger' for everyone, and maybe even a death or two. We all like someone on the show, but unless we think they can actually be hurt, the suspense is a litle ... less. The writers have shown that they can do it, though, so we'll wait and see.  Centering on villains seems like a pretty good start if they stay on that path.  What are you looking forward to this season?

--Jevon Phillips

Photo: Associated Press