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'Friday Night Lights' gets a spooky makeover

September 17, 2008 | 12:13 pm

Fnl_ad_ The NFL? College football? Please.

The only pigskin-related drama worth tuning into this fall is "Friday Night Lights," at least for those with DirecTV (the rest of us commoners can catch it on NBC in early 2009, or read spoilers on places like Show Tracker).

While we haven't caught any real scenes from Season 3 of "FNL," which launches Oct. 1, this brief promo has been making the Web rounds, and DirecTV is definitely looking to put its mark on this season of the series.

There's been nothing exciting about some of the earlier "FNL" DirecTV promos, but the latest ad for the upcoming season gets a supernatural-looking indie rock makeover. No sign of the football in the clip, but there's defnitely drama a-brewin' down in Dillon, Texas.

Over the summer break, the football-obsessed town seems have been spooked-up with some fantastical, "Pan's Labyrinth"-like lightning bugs, giant backward raindrops and haunted swing sets. The colors of the video look like something between an Edward Hopper oil painting and a Disney Pirates of the Caribbean ride. And then there's the dashing Sunday clothes the cast is outfitted in.

But heightening the ghostly atmosphere is the soundtrack of the clip, a cover of Daniel Johnston's "Devil Town" by indie rock's Bright Eyes, a song of lonely reverberation that sounds as if it's being performed in an empty church.

Watch the clip below.

--Todd Martens