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'Project Runway': Good queen fun

August 20, 2008 | 10:00 pm

Justice was administered swiftly and fairly tonight on "Project Runway." The judges picked the correct winner and loser and all was well in the most fabulous episode ever ("fabulous" being a term here that can only be applied objectively). 

The drag queen challenge appeared more difficult than it might have seemed at first. It wasn't just about throwing as many sequins and feathers on a guy as possible; it was about flattering the models, showing their personality, being over-the-top and still demonstrating good craftsmanship.  Joe Faris' pink sailor outfit was adorable, and his drag queen clearly loved wearing it.  Korto Momolu's fiery red sequined number was flashy and fun but it looked to me like something I've seen before (on a drag queen).  And the insane kimono that Terri Stevens made for Acid Betty was a work of art, but it seemed like designing for that particular model may have been a little easier, since he didn't have to appear as feminine or traditional as the other queens.  Speaking of which, it was fascinating to see them all out of costume.  And confidential to guest judge RuPaul: girlfriend, eat a sandwich.

Daniel Feld (in photo, with fellow "PR" designer Kenley Collins), as Nina Garcia pointed out, completely failed to grasp the concept of the challenge -- if the idea of sequins made him want to throw up, he simply should have forfeited. Not only was his gown bland for a drag queen, it wasn't even that well made or flattering (I think I saw a nip slip?).  And his attitude was more tiring than his clothing.  The arrogant designer is nothing new on "Project Runway," but typically he or she has a modicum of skills to back up the attitude, a willingness to hunker down and do the work. Daniel seemed like he'd rather hire someone to do the work for him so he could go to brunch.

Of course, I still believe there is a conspiracy to keep Blayne Walsh on the show due to his questionable "entertainment value."  The pterodactyl wings on his queen's costume were, well, sad, and made her look stupid, yet he didn't even receive a reprimand.  But maybe that would be, as he put it, "too much drama!" -- another non-saying he's trying to coin (but at least it's not as annoying as "licious").

--Claire Zulkey