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'America's Best Dance Crew' is Super Cr3w!

August 22, 2008 |  7:27 am

Season 2 can now be labeled the Season of Super Cr3w as the b-boys from Las Vegas (and Riverside,  etc.) were officially given the title of America's Best Dance Crew.

It could just as easily have been the Season of SoReal Cru or the Season of Fanny Pak if a few votes had gone the other way or if there were one or two more slip-ups.

But that wasn't the case as the Cr3w, friends of Season 1 winners JabbaWockeez, lead in the minds of many voters from start to finish.  There were definitely times that other crews out-shined them, and SoReal Cru was also popular throughout the competition, but Cr3w's skill seemed too great for the voters and judges to overlook.

The mini battle in the finale intro between SoReal Cru and Super Cr3w was fun and showed just how much the crews had grown.  Each did a few of the other's signature moves, including a Brian-Do Knock battle. SoReal's "Superman" beatdown and Super Cr3w's flatulence "explosion" were great disses on each.

In the regional showcase, everyone represented well.  The East Coast meshed, showing a little Latin flavor letting Sass x7, Phresh Select and Boogie Bots spotlight what they do well.  Sass x7's routine blended in with the more breakin/pop lock styles of Phresh and Boogie.  Didn't think I'd like it, but it was OK.

The Midwest brought us ASIID and Xtreme Dance force.  The crews came out with lots of energy with ASIID flaunting its sexy style and frenetic moves, and Xtreme throwing in its precise, still sometimes stiff, movements.  I really like ASIID, but was not hyped over this performance.

The Southern duos repped Houston well!  SoReal Cru and Distorted X, an underrated crew, came out "stuntin' " and paired up great.  The styles were individual but you could definitely see the symbiotic influence of their region.  A hard-driving style that entertained all.

Then came the West. Fanny Pak, Supreme Soul and Super Cr3w.  What the people were waiting for.  Each got to represent, but the group as a whole -- the largest on stage -- was so great together.  Their individual styles influenced one another, and each shined in their spotlights.  They came with a harder edge,  and you could seemingly tell that they were friends wanting to showcase not only themselves but the whole West Coast.  Fanny Pak's moves are so unique, Super Cr3w's so athletic and Supreme Soul's so smooth that they wouldn't seem compatible.  But they were seemless.

Like the final two crews, the South and West had the best performances, though the East was no slouch and the Midwest was energetic. The show was a good ending to a great season.  And the crews will continue to battle for a spot to present an award on the VMAs later in a special next week.

Better get tickets to the tour stop nearest you.  JabbaWockeez AND Super Cr3w?!  Throw in Break Sk8 and (possibly) SoReal Cru with a Fanny Pak chaser!?!  That's probably not all that would be on the tour (rumors of world dance champions the Phillippine All-Stars joining continue to swirl). It could be worth the $30 to $60 ticket prices.


And as Season 3 prepares to launch with tryouts in October, I asked Shane Sparks about some other crews that he'd seen from across the globe, and how Super Cr3w stacked up.  Maybe Randy Jackson Presents the World's Best Dance Crew isn't that far off.

-- Jevon Phillips

(Photo courtesy MTV)