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TCA: Will The Best Political Team on Television Please Stand Up?

July 11, 2008 | 12:54 pm


The Best Political Team on Television descended upon the Beverly Hilton on Friday to tout CNN's upcoming coverage of the political conventions and to remind us that they are The Best Political Team on Television, much like they do constantly on the air.

Sure, there was plenty of talk of political platforms, fair coverage of both political parties, and CNN's amazing position on the convention floor. 

"We've got a spectacular location in the center of the Democratic Convention in and among the delegates and we're also going to be on the floor of the Republican Convention," bragged David Bohrman, CNN's Washington bureau chief.

But the best part was about how The Best Political Team on Television discerned that it is, in fact, The Best Political Team on Television. This came courtesy of Philadelphia Inquirer TV critic Jonathan Storm, who we will credit with The Best Question of the 2008 Summer Press Tour, so far.

Why on earth does CNN tell viewers at every turn that it has The Best Political Team on Television? Does that not undermine the news organization's credibility, Storm wondered?

“I think if Wolf says it, it  has to be true,” Bohrman quipped.

“I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true,” CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer replied via satellite.  (He had to stay home because of a pulled hamstring.) He then explained that The Best Political Team on Television includes behind-the scenes "wizards" like his bosses, Bohrman and CNN President Jon Klein, and pollsters.

"This is a team effort, so I have no problem branding us The Best Political Team on TV. Because I believe we are," Blitzer said.

"We're glad you noticed and we've made our point," Klein said bringing the gab fest to a close.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez