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Destination 'So You Think You Can Dance': Comfort Fedoke says goodbye, but only for now

July 11, 2008 |  6:04 pm

Bottom2_u1h2029_5 For recently eliminated contestant Comfort Fedoke, “So You Think You Can Dance” was a time to learn new things, like how to “dance in heels and wear little dresses.” 

Comfort’s shining personality was in full effect during a conference call with the media this afternoon.  She sounded not just happy about her experience on the show but also ecstatic about what’s ahead.

One thing she was less than ecstatic about, however, was being the only female dancer to get a new partner in the middle of the series.  “You don’t understand!” Comfort exclaimed. “It threw me off outstandingly.” Comfort went on to say that even before she switched partners, things were tough.  “[Chris Jarosz is] taller than anything, and I’m just this little pea!” 

She may be a “little pea,” but that doesn’t mean Comfort doesn’t have moves.  She was the resident hip-hop expert of the women, meaning that they all came to her for tips. “A lot of ’em wanna learn how to pop,” Comfort recalled.  And she was more than happy to help them. After all, Comfort had to call on her fellow contestants whenever she got stuck with an unfamiliar dance. “Y’all gotta help me with this pointy feet thing!” Comfort recalled saying.

As for her final solo, Comfort seems to have no regrets. “I knew it was gonna be either me or Jessica,” sheComfortfedoke_1_4269_lyf_2 said.  As soon as she saw the possibility of mortality, Comfort decided, “I need to go out with a bang if I’m leaving.” And that’s exactly what she did.  In her final dance, Comfort presented herself the way she sees herself, as “this arrogant kind of dancer.”

It seems pretty incredible that Comfort was able to maintain her arrogant moves under the maelstrom of criticism from the judges. She kept her cool by keeping things in perspective.  According to Comfort, some of the harsher criticism is really for the cameras, not the contestant.  “It’s TV,” Comfort pointed out.  “They’re gonna say stuff to make people go, ‘ooh, ahh.’”

As for the future, Comfort is bursting with excitement.  She wants to rap, dance, act and open her own dance studio.  But all her big plans will have to wait for the moment. Comfort and Thayne Jasperson are going to get to go on the SYTYCD tour after all. (Initially, it was thought that only the top 10 dancers would go. Comfort and Thayne were dancers 11 and 12.)  “You should have seen me!” exclaimed Comfort, recalling the moment she discovered she’d still be going on the tour. “I was jumpin’ across the stage! You couldn’t tell me nothin’ after that!”

-- Stephanie Lysaght

(Photo courtesy Fox)