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Destination 'So You Think You Can Dance': Comfort Fedoke, the morning after

July 25, 2008 |  5:37 pm

Eliminated_d2y8281 "The experience was great," mused recently eliminated “So You Think You Can Dance” contestant Comfort Fedoke during a conference call with the media today.  "Even though I was in the bottom every time."

Over the course of the call, the self-professed fighter showed her endurance, saying, "I never came out here to just do my work. I came out here to do my best."

Comfort’s situation is a unique one, because she was eliminated weeks ago, but returned to the show when an injury forced Jessica King to withdraw from the competition. "I think everybody was actually very excited," Comfort said of her return to the show, though she was quick to add, "they were mourning of course, for Jessica."  One person who was particularly happy to see Comfort back on the show, believe it or not, was Jessica. "We had a meeting beforehand, and we had a talk," recalled Comfort. "[Jessica] was happy and just rooting for me...we’re still all like family." In a way, Comfort explained, "I was doing it for Jessica."

And I just had to ask, was Comfort irked that Nigel Lythgoe bashed her solo on Wednesday when he was meant to be critiquing her hip-hop routine?  "Yeah," confessed Comfort. "I actually did find that to be unnecessary." Comfort went on to say that she never choreographs her solos. "I’m a freestyler," she stated simply.   

As for elimination nights, Comfort said she was always prepared for the worst. The week Comfort outlasted Kherington Payne, for example, Comfort said, "I was ready to get sent home then if I had to." She went on to say, "I’m just ready every time."

Comfort had plenty of lows on the show, but she also had some wonderful high moments. Her favorite?  "When me and Twitch danced, 'cause that was like my comeback ... we had no choice but to kill that dance." 

And "comeback" is a great word to associate with Comfort. After not making it into the Top 10, she discovered she’d still be going on the tour, and after being cut from the show, she came back and lasted an extra week. "Like I said last time I got eliminated, this is not the end of me. You’re gonna see me again soon in the lights, yes ma’am!"

-- Stephanie Lysaght

Photo: Comfort Fedoke with Will Wingfield.