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'Hell's Kitchen': Christina, might want to check that handle

June 18, 2008 | 10:13 am

The herd has been thinned. Jen is gone -- in the end, her bad attitude and inconsistency in the kitchen did her in. "I never knew which Jen I was going to get at dinner service," is the way Chef Ramsay put it. (Did you see how she just refused to jump in and help Corey with the eggs? Early on, that could be overlooked. But at this stage in the game, she should be exhibiting teamwork and leadership skills. Bye-Bye, Jen!) 

So this means I need to get over my hatred of Corey. But let me just say for the upteenth time: She is just a two-faced snake! One minute, she is joining forces with Christina (did you catch that use of the pronoun "we"?) and the next she is literally snarling at Christina's good fortune to win the challenge. But I know I need to get over this. I have to accept that she now has a shot at the keys to the kingdom.

Speaking of having a shot: How in the world did piggy Petrozza get this far? (You know there's a problem when people call you "dirty." Not messy, not sloppy or disorganized. But "dirty"!) I do have to hand it to him -- the guy has a nice demeanor and seems like a genuinely kind-hearted guy. But here he is, in the final three alongside -- ugh -- Corey and Christina.

Now, if only Christina can remember to avoid sending Chef Ramsay to the hospital with third-degree burns! I could tell that Ramsay really hurt himself the first time she handed off a saucepan without warning him about the hot handle. But when it happened again I thought Ramsay was overacting. That is, until he proved just how hot it was by pouring water on the handle -- AND IT SIZZLED. Ouch. That's too hot even for "Hell's Kitchen."