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'America's Best Dance Crew 2': Commercial? Time for a dance battle (video)

June 18, 2008 |  5:26 pm

One of the things we don't mind at all about "America's Best Dance Crew 2" -- besides seeing dimpled Mario Lopez in baby blue V-neck sweaters -- is audience dance battles during intermission.

A crowd handler named Rob Crawford, from 1iota, an audience-finding firm, chooses four to five volunteers from a crowd of close to 700 in the arena.

The volunteers hop onstage and guide their teams in the audience as DJ Rashida spins a track. The audience votes on the group with the best dance moves. The winning dance captain gets an ABDC T-shirt, a water bottle or guest passes for five to 10 people for the next episode.

If you watch Thursday night, look at the section on the left, which has lost battles in two episodes now. It's planted with "models" (a.k.a. "hot girls").  About 30 or more are recruited for each episode by 1iota.

These camera-ready lovelies are selected based on looks, as opposed to actually being fans of the show, according to the 1iota rep I spoke to who was herding a group of models across the Forest Lawn Drive crosswalk onto the Warner Bros. lot last week.

The audience plants are mostly dressed in 4-inch heels, tube-top dresses and massive earrings. Their attire is only of note because, IMO, it seems to inhibit their ability to compete fairly in the battles -- especially when the dance moves are more ... acrobatic in nature. They will continue to lose if their dance captains keep doing aggressive jumps, slides and bounces. Oddly enough, crotch grabs and pelvic thrusts on heels look very doable.

-- Sheigh Crabtree

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