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'Gossip Girl': Woman on the verge

May 12, 2008 |  4:49 pm

Gg_serenaonverge That not only refers to the title of tonight’s episode but also to how I feel about waiting to find out details of Serena’s sordid past.

Last week, she broke down to Blair, but the clip below shows that S will also let Nate and Chuck in on her murderous secret.

But just how did it all go down? Whom did she kill?

The answer lies with the mysterious newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd. They obviously knew Serena and set up the video camera with the intention of secretly recording the event.

My guess is the couple convinced Serena to participate in a threesome and, when things went awry, S accidentally killed one (or both!) of them.

What’s Georgina’s role in this? Being that G used to be Serena’s BFF, S probably called her in a panic. While helping S clear the scene, G found the hidden camera and snagged the tape to hide the evidence.

I suspect that before Serena skipped town, she and Georgina had a major falling out, thus giving G the drive to use the tape against Serena. That’s my little theory.

What do you think happened on that fateful night? What do you think will happen in tonight's episode? Share in the comments!

--Enid Portuguez