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'Battlestar Galactica': Dinner mishaps

May 22, 2008 |  2:18 pm

"Guess what's coming to dinner?" had more little twists than expected.  It was also the first episode in a while to bring everyone back together in one spot.   But that's about to change again after Roslin's little trip.  JUMP!

With the imagery of her sickness in the forefront, some forget that President Roslin is also a good little politician with skills at the behind-the-scenes puppeteering sometimes required to be successful.  That came into play when she outed Tory's relationship with Baltar.  She even has spies there! And she wants more. "Whether it's on your knees praying or just on your knees ..." A great, cutting line.

But balancing the compliments ... a Cylon truce, huh?  Starbuck put good things in motion, but the Hybrid and Athena may have messed that up for good.  What did Roslin and the others expect to happen once the Hybrid was reactivated?  They were relinquishing their already shaky control over the basestar, so they didn't know.  And now, the president is gods know where.  The Hybrid has never shown violent, or even self-defensive, tendencies, so there may not be any danger.  But when the Cylon soldiers were given their own cognizance, that threw everything up in the air.

Guess we can't fault Athena for blasting Six after her dreams of losing her daughter, but we've already established that different Cylons (skinjobs) have different personalities and motivations, so she can't be sure she shot the right one.  But her daughter Hera is cute!

Of even more interest than what happened in this episode was the preview of the Adama-Tigh showdown in the next episode.  We've been waiting for more action from the new Cylons since Tory killed Cally, and this seems to be a high-stakes fight.  What isn't revealed in the clip is whether or not Adama has found out Tigh's Cylon secret.

FILLING IN THE GAPS: Seems that the long delay between the first and second halves of the season might be filled in after all. G4, the Watcher from the Chicago Tribune, and others are reporting that there will be plot-bridging webisodes, and even "Battlestar Galactica" TV movies could be made later on this year.

The Hollywood Reporter says that "Galactica" is "bucking the trend" of the current ratings slide that most shows are experiening by gaining 4% in the 18-49 crowd.  I bet it'll get higher as the show nears its end.