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Life after 'Idol': Michael Johns sits down with 'Idol Tonight'

April 17, 2008 |  8:19 am

Competing on "American Idol" is great and all, but the fun really starts once you get the boot. "Idol" finalists have gone on to score television appearances, Grammy nominations, and even Oscar wins. 

When TV Guide cooked up the idea for "Idol Tonight," an "American Idol" pre-show and red carpet extravaganza centered on conversations with axed "Idols," it was only fitting to choose former finalists to host the series. TV Guide settled on a remarkably wacky pair to do the job: Season 1's Justin Guarini and Season 3's Kimberly Caldwell. Since both Guarini and Caldwell enjoyed success despite not winning "Idol," who better to interview fallen Idols each week?

The third host, Rosanna Tavarez never competed on "Idol," but  is no stranger to reality competitions. Tavarez was the winner of "Popstars."

Since competing on their respective reality shows, all three hosts have kept busy. Guarini is working on his third album, Caldwell is working on her first album, and Tavarez climbed the charts as a member of the girl group, Eden's Crush.

This week, recently eliminated contestant Michael Johns stopped by "Idol Tonight" to discuss his ouster with the kooky trio. Again. Sure, it's probably the last thing he wants to talk about right now, but Johns still managed to stay remarkably cheerful throughout the interview. He retained his sense of humor too. When "Idol Tonight" replayed the clip of his elimination, Johns jokingly shouted, "boo!"

Johns, like so many who fell before him, seems poised for greatness. For starters, he's stoked for the upcoming "Idol" tour, where he hopes to sing "We are the Champions," "Light My Fire," and a duet with Brooke White. But White isn't the only one who might get to duet with Johns.  During his "Idol Tonight" interview, Johns revealed that the one and only Dolly Parton wants to team up for a tune!

But no matter who Johns chooses to collaborate with in the future, one thing is for certain: he will have no problem finding a fan base. When Johns strolled onto the "Idol Tonight" stage, the screams from the the audience were in the whistle range. Careful ladies! That's his wife sitting over there on the right!

-- Stephanie Lysaght