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Battlestar Galactica: Escape Velocity

April 26, 2008 |  1:25 am

Bsg2 The speed needed to break away from an object's gravitational pull. Catchy,  apropro.

It started in the last episode when Cally was slapped and then spit out into space (there's your summary).  Cylon Tory had made up her mind, and the other new Cylons seem destined to follow.

This episode, Chief Tyrol and Col. Tigh were reaching their escape velocities, each pulling away from their lives.  Chief mouthing off to Adama and getting demoted (and possibly booted off the ship), and Tigh giving in to some weird dominatrix moment with Six.  His 'yes-sir-may-I-have-another' beat down was unsettling, and kissing a bloody mouth can't be too sanitary -- even for Cylons.  Anders was absent this go-round, discounting an episode-ending scene where I just knew he was coming up behind a sleeping Starbuck with a wrench.  But it was not to be.  Yet.

Lil' Adama, Lee, was also in the escape mode, becoming more and more politician guy/question guy/stir-up-trouble guy.  As Pres. Roslin notes, his desire for everything to be right and lawful could end up creating more chaos.  Definitely illustrated by Baltar's sermon.

And please, someone kill this guy (Baltar, not Lee).  Wait, maybe ... no, just kill him.  Roslin hinted at it, and if he isn't even in control of his own actions (see the marionette scene), he's even more dangerous than we thought. OK, may as well keep him around until a gruesome enough demise can be thought up.

The issue of 'if' the new Cylons will turn quickly seems to be pointing toward a 'when,' though Chief and his kid may fight.  Hopefully you, like I, believe that Chief was intentionally trying to get himself demoted and kicked off Galactica for the safety of the fleet.  You do, right!?! Heck, maybe he hooks back up with Sharon/Athena.  You never know.  Three of the Cylons spoke about ... things at the New York Comic-Con.  Which brings us to the question:

-- Jevon Phillips

(Photo courtesy SciFi Channel)