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'America's Next Top Model': Fierceness, fierceness

March 27, 2008 |  7:47 am

Cw_aimee_10_mar26_225 There was a fair amount of foreshadowing last night that Aimee would be sent home. No. 1: The girls complimented her on how beautiful her skin was, which she accepted with grateful incredulity.  Typically, of course, the girl who brags that she has this competition in the bag is the one to be sent home that episode, but sometimes it's just the girl who has a random amount of screen time.  No. 2: Not that she was asked to, but Aimee, after hearing about Anya's nude photo shoot, professed that due to her Mormon upbringing, she would never want to pose nude. The never-nudes NEVER win Top Model.  And  No. 3, it seemed like she was destined to go home because it looks like the producers are eliminating all the pacifists in the house. Watch your back, Stacy Ann!

Fatima, Whitney and Dominique thus far had been painted as the main antagonists on "ANTM," but last night Claire, Lauren and even Anya got into the mix, ganging up on Dominique. Dominique has been pretty obnoxious so far this cycle, but you had to feel bad for her last night as Claire admitted that the reason she was friends with Lauren and Whitney was because they too hated Dominique. The three of them sat around talking about Dominique as she lay in bed, and continued to do so even after she asked them politely to stop. 

It was a turning point for Claire, who thus far has been painted as a front-runner in the competition, but she came off badly last night, remarkably immature for a woman who was still pumping milk for her daughter at home (what happened to it after she was done?)  To boot, her "embodiment" of country music in the photo shoot came off poorly. Perhaps she should have tried the technique Tyra taught earlier in the episode and mimicked achy, breaky breasts.

-- Claire Zulkey

(Photo courtesy CW)