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Weekday update with Seth Meyers

November 6, 2007 |  8:56 am


Snljpg_2 So how does Day 2 on the picket line feel, Seth Meyers?

"It feels a lot like day one," quipped Meyers, one of the head writers for "Saturday Night Live," as he joined the writers pacing the damp pavement in front of Silvercup Studios in Long Island City.

"But it's really good to get out with other writers," he added as he slung a sign that read "SNL on strike" over his shoulder.  "It's a very positive feeling. The camaraderie is really good. It seems hopeful."

Meyers said he was trying not to dwell on what would happen if the strike dragged on.

"You can't think about the personal impact it would have on you," he said. "If you start thinking about it personally, you start to lose focus about why you're out here together."

Nevertheless, Meyers joked that he was trying "to figure out if I developed any secondary skills," just in case.

On a more serious note, he added that he and his fellow "SNL" writers wished they were working.

"But writers went on strike for us 20 years ago, so we have to be out here now," he said.

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-- Matea Gold

Photo credit: The Associated Press