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Greed comes a-calling on 'Kid Nation'

November 1, 2007 |  9:09 am

Where can you find kids, capitalism and cleanliness all on one show?  Why, on "Kid Nation," of course.  And despite objections from a former child star, the show is gearing up for its second season by taking applications for participants.

DivadDivad starts it off by selling prepared food to get extra money -- food that everyone can get for free (except that she's cooked it for them). Jared is against it, and when he is rebuffed, he freaks out.  Never seen Jared physically get angry. It was quite a sight, and another reminder that these are, after all, just kids. He and Divad made up, though.

The town council was directed toward a cave housing a treasure chest full of buffalo nickels and, in typically right-thinking manner, bought community gifts for the town instead of just dividing up the loot.

Divad, Pharoah and Nathan receive the "golden" spotlight this episode.  It was anybody's guess who'd get it, but Divad's campaigning ways were sure to backfire.

Pharoah, the hardest worker on the yellow team (according to Greg), made an almost tearful admission to team leader Zach about his desire to get the gold star for his family. Nathan, a constant worker and home-schooled outcast in the path of Greg's ire, never seems to fit in, but he doggedly continues to work on the town's behalf.

Breather from the star chase for a challenge. Catching golden eggs from a slingshot -- a perfect metaphor for capitalism! Blue was again the upper class. The overall prize? Laundry machines (at 20 cents a load) versus a hand-cranked machine and a new set of clothes for everyone. They smartly took the latter. And luckily for all, Taylor thought that "the outfits were pretty cute."

Jared, in the funniest twist of the show, opens a lucrative business making necklaces and becomes a pimp -- complete with a coat and feathered hat!! "I have a bonfire in my pocket and it's burning to be spent." The quote master strikes again!

Nathan2500_2 Greg apologizes to Nathan for being mean to him. Angling for a second gold star? I don't think he is, and though it seems that he's trying, something feels insincere. If anyone gets a second gold star, it should be Sophia for her innovation. The bored 14-year-old put 50 cents in a pot of old vegetables and beans and watched as the others scrambled for the coins. "People never fail to entertain me," Sophia observed. "They do the darndest things." So great.

Nathan the outcast, Nathan the loner becomes Nathan the gold star winner. His tear-filled eyes and speechless stare said a lot after he received the star.

Divad is bit ...  upset at the decision, but you know she'll bounce back. And Pharoah seems crushed.

Next week, possibly a talent show for the gold star?

Photos: CBS

-- Jevon Phillips