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Josh Schwartz: Back on the market

May 10, 2007 |  8:33 am


When one door closes, another one usually opens. But two? It seems Josh Schwartz, the superstar creator of "The O.C.," is rebounding from his break-up with Fox with two new dramas for the new TV season. It's goodbye Fox. Hello, NBC and The CW. The two networks haven’t officially picked up the shows — at least not officially as in calling up and saying, "Please get your casts to New York this weekend so we can parade them in front of advertisers." But a little bird-in-the-know confirms that both networks have asked Schwartz to begin hiring writers. For The CW, Schwartz has penned his version of "Gossip Girl," the collection of popular books about a New York teenage socialite who spies on her rich and famous friends and blogs about them. "Chuck" is a nerdy computer whiz who gets spy secrets embedded into his brain via a mysterious encoded e-mail. We, of the embedded persuasion, could use a few secrets too, so if you have any tips, you know what to do.

--Maria Elena Fernandez