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'America's Next Top Model': Skinny Girls 6, "Fat" Girls 0

April 12, 2007 | 10:08 am

Whitney2 Well, in the end, size did matter - as both plus-sized models on "America's Next Top Model" have been booted by Tyra Banks and her model-judgin' cronies. Several weeks ago Diana, whose heart never seemed fully in the contest, was whacked - and last night Whitney was dismissed after landing in the bottom two three weeks in a row. It was a tough road for Whitney - stunning in person and charismatic - but her photos never seemed to reveal her full personality and almost always made her look like a reject from a Sears catalogue. It didn't help that the photo shoot fates were fully against her - last night she was required to pose in a bath towel and high-heeled shoes - a look that's really not flattering on anyone (seriously, try it yourself) let alone a zaftig beauty.

The judges were consistently harsh on Whit, with Twiggy, in particular, being hugely dismissive, referring to her week after week as a mere "pretty girl," but not a model. In the end, Whitney pondered if modeling was even the right career path for her (um, she goes to Dartmouth - why isn't she wondering if being a Supreme Court Justice is the right career path for her?) and decided that maybe she would try her hand at acting.

Because Hollywood is far, far more accepting of women who don't fit into the elfin mold.

-- Ann Donahue

(Photo courtesy The CW)