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A new look for the Saturday Op-Ed page

August 6, 2011 |  6:45 am

Opinion8.6 Starting this week, the Saturday editorials and opinion pieces will be consolidated onto a single page.

On the page will be one or two editorials and Patt Morrison's interview column. And instead of a string of letters to the editor, a single letter will be featured and will include a response from a Times reporter or editor.

Op-Ed Editor Sue Horton explained the idea behind the new feature, called "Postscript":

"Susan Brenneman, deputy editor of the op-ed page, had been noticing that we often got letters that seemed to call for responses. But there was no forum in the paper for answering them," Horton said.

"Individual writers or editors or the Readers' Rep would often send a reply, but Susan wondered why we couldn't address some of the issues raised in a more public forum. Starting Saturday, with Postscript, we will be."

The type of letters in mind are those asking Times coverage, op-ed columns or news decisions.

To submit a question for Postscript, send it as you would a Letter to the Editor, to or by using the online form. More details are on the Letters page.

--Deirdre Edgar