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What California city should be added to the weather page? [Updated]

July 15, 2011 |  4:04 pm

Santacruz Julian

The Times is making a change to the California cities list on its weather page, and editors need your help. The National Weather Service station at Westlake Village is no longer operating, so that city will be removed from the listing, and one of the following five cities will be added.

You can vote below (and, sorry, no write-ins allowed). Voting will close at 11 p.m. Monday.

[Updated, July 19: The results are in!]

The options, with potential pros and cons:


Pro: Emergent SoCal population center near Riverside that gets a lot of traffic.

Con: Weather station seems to be up in the nearby mountains, not in Corona itself; nearby Chino and Riverside are already on the page and seem to have very similar weather.


Pro: Well-known weekend getaway location; higher elevation and thus different weather info than nearby Hemet and Palm Springs, which are already on our page.

Con: Popular enough to warrant inclusion?


Pro: Used to be on the list; another well-known weekend getaway location.

Con: A bit far afield for most of our current readership; nearby Ramona is on the forecast map already.

Lake Elsinore

Pro: Popular water recreation area that's also on way to other popular tourist sites.

Con: Popular enough to warrant inclusion? And Elsinore weather info seems pretty similar to nearby Temecula, which is on the page.

Santa Cruz

Pro: Popular vacation spot.

Con: Not a SoCal location; nearby Monterey is already on the page.


--Deirdre Edgar

Left photo: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Credit: Don Kelsen / Los Angeles Times. Right photo: Wild turkeys in Julian. Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times