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Pacific Time podcast: Sporting controversies and a Supreme Court confirmation hearings preview

June 25, 2010 |  1:49 pm

In this edition of Pacific Time:

Pacific Time podcast

How do you tackle a sports controversy at Caltech? You use the scientific method, of course. An international group of soccer fans in the aeronautics department put the controversial Adidas soccer ball being used in the World Cup to the test. We hear from David Wharton about the test and their findings. 

Also related to the soccer fields in South Africa, reporter Hector Becerra talks about how the Mexican flag, which has taken on a rather polarizing tint over the years, is making a return to the streets of Los Angeles on the cars of soccer fans cheering on their national team. 

Last week, another team in another sport was victorious. Remember the Lakers? Columnist Sandy Banks wrote about an evening's experience of wandering with fans juiced about the game but with nowhere to watch. She talks about the surprising response her column garnered. 

And finally a contest of another sort begins in Washington on Monday. The Senate begins the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Elena Kagan. Reporter David Savage has covered the court for more than two decades. In a two-part offering from David, we hear about Kagan, the person. The second part will be available on Monday.

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-- Michelle Maltais