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Pacific Time podcast: The governor's race, marijuana, papa postpartum and personal power generation

May 21, 2010 | 12:29 pm

In this week's edition of Pacific Time:

Pacific Time podcast

The governor’s race is finally heating up here in California as the June 8 primary nears. We check in with reporter Cathleen Decker for an update.

A new poll out this week provides some sobering numbers for backers of the initiative on the November ballot to legalize marijuana in California. John Hoeffel covers that beat. (You can check on whether your neighborhood is also home to pot dispensaries here.)

We’ve all heard of sympathy pains in partners of pregnant women. Researchers are studying papa postpartum depression. Health writer Shari Roan has more.

Many of us are outfitted with so many tech devices that we’d need our own personal generator to keep everything all charged up. Business reporter Tiffany Hsu plugs us in to some developments on the personal power front.

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