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Measuring the relaunch of

August 13, 2009 |  5:02 pm

Online editor Meredith Artley files this update after hearing from several hundred readers:

Less than 24 hours ago we launched a new We’ve been reading the feedback very closely, including comments on this journal, on Twitter and via regular old e-mail.

The majority of the feedback is positive, which is music to our ears. There are also some vocal voices who prefer the old site. We appreciate hearing from so many savvy readers who care about news presentation, design and navigation. Here are the most common complaints and what we are doing about them:

I can’t find the crossword puzzle/Sudoku…
You can find both in the black navigation bar at the top of every page in the “Games” section, which is available under the “More” tab. We also added it as the last item under “Living” in the text navigation at the bottom of every page.

Where are the obits?
A link to the obituaries section can be found in both the local and national sections. And we added it to the text navigation at the very bottom of every page, under “News.”

Where is the print edition?
Virtually all stories that appear in the printed version of The Times continue to be found on the site. An image of page one of the newspaper is updated daily at At that link, you can also find home delivery information and links to the e-edition, Kindle services and archive search services.

Where is California and local news?
You can find our outstanding local coverage by clicking “Local” in the navigation bar. You will find continuous coverage there, including our breaking news blog, LA Now, other daily coverage and recent special projects.

Meredith Artley
Managing Editor, Online
Los Angeles Times