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Ombudsmen columns

August 11, 2008 | 11:52 am

Below are links to some of the past week's columns by ombudsmen, readers' representatives and editors around the nation. More columns and information about ombudsmen in the U.S. and around the world can be found at the Organization of News Ombudsmen website (which has a permanent link on the right side of this page).

The New York Times, "A mistake" for editors to not pursue Edwards story

The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC), Some readers say "I told you so" on Edwards story

The Washington Post, Furor over meaning of Obama quote highlights problems with unnamed sources

NPR, A story designed for radio is a different tale online with pairing of photo, headline

San Francisco Chronicle, Poll stories to begin including questions as well as results

Sacramento Bee - editor, Those who see bias invited to send specifics

The San Diego Union-Tribune, Report of city's unexpectedly high bills for debris removal shows value of watchdog journalism

The Virginian Pilot, Rules tightened on reporters in election year

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Photo with offshore drilling story doesn't seem to match facts of story

Post & Courier (Charleston, SC), Ombudsmen hears from fewer readers than expected over front-page ads

The Miami Herald, Community sections "struggling valiantly," but deeper coverage is needed

The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville), Online-only series brings objections; ombudsmen seeks readers' suggestions

The Kansas City Star,  Numbers of corrections down