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Ombudsmen columns

June 16, 2008 |  6:24 am

Below are links to some of the past week's columns by ombudsmen, readers' representatives and editors around the nation. More columns and information about ombudsmen in the U.S. and around the world can be found at the Organization of News Ombudsmen website (which has a permanent link on the right side of this page).

Chicago Tribune, "Let readers gauge winds of change" (on planned Tribune changes)

The Hartford Courant, "Tough times, tough choices" (also on planned Tribune changes)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "AJC's special section on McCain ran back in March"

San Antonio Express-News, "WWII anniversaries deserve complete coverage"

The Washington Post, "Commemorations without the ink"

The Salt Lake Tribune, "For papers, there's no escaping change"

ESPN, "'SportsCenter Specials' too often just hot air on hot topics"

Florida Times-Union, "Was photo a racial stereotype?"

The Courier-Journal (Lexington, KY), "Exploring bias against Appalachia"

The Sacramento Bee - public editor, "In a digital age, public service journalism still lives"; editor, "A reporter travels globe to see inside Guantanamo"

NPR, "Listener sound off"

News & Observer, (Raleigh, NC), "Why see Carson's autopsy report?"

PBS, "Changing the rules"

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland), "There's a fine line between offending people and being offensive"

San Diego Union-Tribune, "Doonesbury returns, but to new spot"