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Daredevil adventurer descends into live volcano and has the video to prove it

October 4, 2010 |  2:17 pm


The above video certainly fits into all the subhead categories on Outposts -- Outdoors, Action and Adventure.

Entitled "Most Incredible Volcano Footage Ever," the video shows extreme adventurer Drew Bristol as he ventures into Marum volcano on Ambrym Island in the South Pacific.

Bristol was part of a team led by New Zealand filmmaker/vulcanologist Geoff Mackley on an expedition 10 years in the planning.

On his website, Mackley describes the experience: "The incredible noise ... the heat ... the toxic gas ... the falling rocks ... the danger, nothing else in life will ever compare to the mind blowing rush of being  so close to a spectacle like this!"

44-year-old Mackley told the Daily Mail Online that while the video has gone viral on the Internet, it has also brought out the skeptics.

"I don't fake things," he said. "What would be the point of me traveling around the world to film volcanoes and earthquakes and then faking the footage?"

"Of course, you can fake anything in a studio these days, but that's not for me," added Mackley. "What you see from me is real."

The men are believed to be the first people who have ever dared venture so close to Marum volcano, located in the Vanuatu archipelago about 400 miles from Australia.

-- Kelly Burgess

Video credit: YouTube