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White-tailed deer hunting in focus on '4 Weeks of Whitetail' beginning Friday on Versus

August 5, 2010 |  5:01 pm

A white-tailed deer buck stands alert in a field. Although white-tailed deer are not found in California, there is still hunter interest in them, for whitetails can be found almost everywhere else in the country (there have been occasional sightings of whitetails in the northeast portion of California but they have never become established here, and the last confirmed sighting was more than 50 years ago).

So to help hunters gear up for the white-tailed deer season, Versus is airing its annual presentation, "4 Weeks of Whitetail," from 5 to 8 p.m. beginning Friday and continuing each Friday through  Aug. 27.

Viewers will see six half-hour episodes each week from three popular hunting series: "The Bucks of  Tecomate," featuring Jeff Foxworthy and David Morris;  "The Buck Stops Here," with host Mike Hanback; and "Winchester Whitetail Revolution."

Versus will also offer a weekly "Rut Report" on its website, to help hunters plan for their outdoor excursion. Featuring information collected from hunting pros and experts about whitetail activity throughout North America, the site includes maps highlighting hot spots, a Q&A and games for hunters to test their skills.

-- Kelly Burgess


Photo: A white-tailed deer buck stands alert in a field. Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service