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In memory of my father, Donald Burgess

March 27, 2010 | 10:15 am

Donald and Cherie Burgess. I wanted to let Outposts readers know that I have not abandoned this blog. I appreciate every follower I get, and enjoy the interaction, conversations and comments that come from readers.

I plan to continue to work diligently at keeping it fresh and active in the coming days and weeks, but have suffered a tremendous loss -- my father, Donald Burgess, passed away Saturday morning at age 83.

My father was a kind, gentle and unassuming person. And though he had people such as Louis Armstrong and Wolfman Jack as his friends, he was always unpretentious.

My Dad was a New Yorker his entire life, even though we moved to California when I was quite young. He worked at Harper's Bazaar and Vogue magazines -- and even had Andy Warhol as a contributor (Dad would mention how he wished he had saved some of the drawings Warhol did for him). During the '70s, my father started Campaigns magazine, an internationally distributed publication on military miniature model soldiers, uniforms and history.

It was from my mother, Cherie, that I believe I picked up my love of fishing and the outdoors. My father helped instill in me the interest in the proper use of language and grammar. He enjoyed pointing out grammatically incorrect phrases, such as, it is not "I could care less, but I couldn't care less" and that there really isn't such a term as first annual -- at that point it's still a hope to be a yearly event, and doesn't really warrant the "annual" moniker until the second time -- and should always be referred to as inaugural.

It was also my Dad who made me aware of possible jobs at the Los Angeles Times, where he worked as an award-winning design director. I have him to thank for helping me get in the door as a copy messenger 27 years ago. After leaving The Times, my father remained busy, involved with designing programs and souvenirs, and helping with other creative aspects of the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies.

When I said my goodbye, it wasn't really that, but more of a see you later. I told him that I know I'll see him again, hope he visits me from time to time and says hi to Mom for me, for they are together again. I love them both very much.

-- Kelly Burgess / kcburgess2@gmail.com

Photo: Donald and Cherie Burgess. Credit: Allison Ramsey / Allison Ramsey Photography