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Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson responds to 'South Park' episode on Japanese whaling

November 5, 2009 |  4:14 pm

I missed the now-famous "South Park" episode that premiered last week and offered a satirical portrayal of Japanese whaling and dolphin-killing tactics. But I did view a few short clips.

(Your thoughts? Was it insensitive or accurate? Did you laugh your head off?)

If you viewed the episode, you know that it opened with Stan and his family celebrating his birthday trying to swim with dolphins at the Denver Aquarium. But the party is interrupted when the Japanese dive in and attack the dolphins and turn the pool into a dolphin blood bath. Stan then takes up the cause and tries to bring the senseless slaughter to an end.

Of course, no such episode could be complete without controversial Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which annually takes on Japanese whalers in the Antarctic (see above video and image below).

And I did not miss Watson's response to how he -- with his belly hanging exposed beneath his untucked shirt -- and his merry crew of vegan whale lovers were portrayed.

"My understanding is that the Japanese prime minister was not amused, and the whalers and dolphin killers are enraged at the way they were portrayed," Watson said. "That’s music to my ears. If the humorless whale killers and the bank-rollers of the dolphin killers did not like the show, then that’s all I need to applaud it."


In the episode, Watson takes a harpoon to the head.

"I could not care less how I was personally ridiculed, lampooned and insulted," the captain added. "Hell, being ridiculed, lampooned and insulted on 'South Park' is a declaration to the world that Sea Shepherd and 'Whale Wars' are effective and have cracked through to the other side of the media culture curtain."

"Whale Wars" is an Animal Planet TV series based on Watson's annual harassment of the whaling fleet in the Antarctic Ocean. Sea Shepherd will embark on a sixth campaign next month. An Animal Planet crew will be aboard to gather material for a third "Whale Wars" season.

Stan, unfortunately, will have to be left behind.

-- Pete Thomas

Video and Image: A scene from "South Park." Credit: South Park Studios

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