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Could Palin outlast Obama in a distance race? You betcha!

July 1, 2009 |  1:55 pm

Sarah Palin in a yoga pose near her home in Wasilla, Alaska. Sarah Palin might not be faster in a sprint but tells Runner's World magazine, "I betcha I have more endurance" than President Obama.

So consider this a challenge. Both politicians are into fitness, though the one who emerged victorious in the marathon known as the presidential election is a smoker who admittedly has had trouble quitting.

(Huge advantage to Palin.)

One resides in the White House, where he also works out, far removed from the pristine Hawaiian paradise where he grew up. The other still lives in Alaska, where the air is clean and pure.

(Another advantage to Alaska's governor, who failed in her bid to become vice president on the Republican ticket, but not for lack of effort.)

Palin, in fact, is an avid jogger and a hunter and angler. But she might not be as coordinated as Obama, who plays basketball and golf.

In Runner's World, she recalled stumbling and falling during a downhill jog at  Sen. John McCain's ranch. "I was so stinkin' embarrassed that a golf cart full of Secret Service guys had to pull up beside me," she said. "My hands just got torn up and I was dripping blood."

(Advantage, Obama, who has yet to noticeably stumble.)

So that's the tale of the tape in a nutshell. Who do you believe would win in a 10K or marathon? Because of the smoking factor and a president's workload, I betcha Palin would claim the triumph -- if she could avoid tripping.

-- Pete Thomas

Photo: Sarah Palin in a yoga pose near her home in Wasilla, Alaska. Credit: Brian Adams / Runner's World