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Global sailor Zac Sunderland on home stretch, bound for fame

June 3, 2009 |  9:52 am

Cover image from ESPN magazine, due on stands Friday. Is it presumptuous for Outposts, which has been closely following Zac Sunderland's global solo-sailing adventure for almost a year, to take credit for the teenager's increasing fame?


The 17-year-old from Thousand Oaks, who is nearing completion of his odyssey, has done all the work and it just so happens that mainstream media are finally jumping aboard.

Zac is featured on the cover of the next issue of ESPN magazine, due on stands Friday, complete with a story based on an interview conducted after the shaggy-haired sailor recently pulled into Grenada, before his passage through the Panama Canal.

Not bad considering he's going up against the NBA Finals, NHL playoffs, baseball and the French Open tennis tournament.

It's only the beginning. Expect to see Zac, who is now off Central America on a northbound course for home, on morning and late-night TV. He'll be featured on newscasts, and at least one prominent contemporary magazine wants to feature him after his arrival in Marina del Rey this month.

Zac, who still must negotiate a potentially treacherous Eastern Pacific leg, left home last June a humble teen and became a man during his travels. But after all that time alone at sea, is he ready to become a celebrity?

Presumably, yes.

-- Pete Thomas 

Photo: Cover image from ESPN magazine, due on stands Friday.