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Malibu Creek State Park, and others, soon to flourish thanks to needed rain

February 6, 2009 |  8:34 am


I was able to get a hike in before the storm, at Malibu Creek State Park, and managed to snap a nice photo of a gray squirrel gnawing on what looked like bark while perched on a branch (pictured).

I hiked the Cage Creek Trail/Lookout Trail loop and on the way back, at dusk, I inspected the main creek that flows through the park's beautiful valley.

It was depressingly dry before the first winter rain, but it contained enough water to attract mallards and other waterfowl. I even frightened a large hawk from a creekside branch.

Now it's on the receiving end of the most abundant rainfall of the winter. That's going to do more than fill the creek; it will turn the park, as well as all of the Santa Monica Mountains, lush and green.

So the weekend might be a wash. After three consecutive weeks of parching dry weather, and with winter on the wane, this drenching is just what our region needs.

--Pete Thomas