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Jeremy Lusk hardly forgotten, still 'on the ride of his life'

February 11, 2009 |  1:24 pm


In the wake of Jeremy Lusk's tragic death early Tuesday, as a result of a weekend crash during a freestyle motocross competition in Costa Rica, I was asked by a few people if any other top rider had perished at an FMX event.

The answer, which might surprise some, is no, according to memory and experts in a motocross discipline that began to flourish in the late 1990s.

These athletes are meticulous in training and are not reckless, contrary to some comments on a previous blog item.

The grace they exhibit, while performing handstands and seat grabs above and below their flipping bikes while soaring across 100-foot jumps, is a result of countless hours of practice in foam pits and on home courses.

The problem is, execution has to be nearly perfect to avoid serious consequences--and top riders, all of whom have experienced injury and concussion, understand that death is possible. Now a fatality has occurred and the FMX community remains in shock and mourning.

Here's a Metal Mulisha statement making the rounds, and it is inspirational:

We want Jeremy to be remembered as the hardcore warrior that he was. He was never one to back down from any challenge life had to offer him on or off the track.

As a fierce competitor, he rode to the top of the freestyle world embracing the risks of the sport with hardcore passion. As a Christian, Jeremy had faith that no matter what, he would always be on the ride of his life.

To Jeremy, there was never a question of there being any consequences, especially doing something he loved. His drive, love, passion and commitment drove him to become the 'baddest-ass' rider of his time.

'He and his wife Lauren will always be part of the Mulisha family, and his memory will continue to push our group of friends to the outer limits of life.'

Lastly, funeral arrangements for Lusk have been announced: 1 p.m. Monday, Feb. 16, at Revival Christian Fellowship Church,  29220 Scott Road, Menifee, Calif. All are welcome.

—Pete Thomas

Photo: Jeremy Lusk

Credit: Metal Mulisha