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Third white shark a charm?

July 11, 2008 |  1:16 pm

    Southern California beachgoers might be interested to know that a third juvenile white shark has been placed in a pen off Malibu and may soon be judged fit for travel to Monterey Bay Aquarium. The previous two were released after scientists determined they were not suitable for captivity.

   The latest is a female caught accidentally by a commercial fisherman July 5 off Ventura. She measures 5 feet 3 and weighs 75 pounds, more or less, and if she continues to eat and exhibit signs of good health, she'll become the fourth white shark to go on display at the aquarium's million-gallon Outer Bay exhibit.

    The three others were released after they outgrew the facility, and the latest, wearing a high-tech tag so scientists with Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station can monitor its movements, is tooling along the Baja California coast in the Sea of Cortez.

   A decision as to whether to release or transport the latest penned predator will be made in the next few days, said aquarium spokesman Ken Peterson.

-- Pete Thomas

Al Seib / Los Angeles Times