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Bill Demong is a thrill seeker on and off the ski jump

March 5, 2010 |  2:13 pm

What's crazier -- executing a 400-foot jump on skis or suggesting you'd rather win a gold medal than have your fiancee accept your marriage proposal.

Well, everyone knows American Nordic Combined gold medalist Bill Demong is a thrill-seeker. After all, it takes guts to stick with a sport that can get you killed and is virtually unknown outside of Northern Europe. But Demong was treading in dangerous new territory during a Thursday interview on Fox News.

Asked if his marriage proposal was more important than winning gold, Demong said, "I gotta say ... she could say no once, I still got another chance. This one was like 'this all of nothing right now,' 25 years on the line!"

In fairness, Demong took about 5 seconds to formulate his response, and at least he told the truth.

Check out the entire interview:

-- Austin Knoblauch