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Sarah D. Morris with an Olympics preview

February 11, 2010 |  3:34 pm
On Friday, the Vancouver Olympics begin. The Winter Games don't get as much attention as the summer version, but they have the same excitement and power to unite the world. Even before they begin, they make news. 

Today the women skiiers had a training run scheduled.  American medals hope Lindsey Vonn attempted to participate. Last week while training in Austria, Vonn badly bruised her left shin. With many painkillers, Vonn was up on the mountain early this morning. 

Going into the Vancouver Olympics, many people expected Vonn to win five medals. Her injury has cast some doubt on this, but the American skiing camp believes with her experience and mental toughness, Vonn should be a factor at Vancouver. 

Whistler, where the Alpine events are being held, already has been affected by the weather. Thursday it was foggy, making it difficult for the skiers to see. American Stacey Cook, the second skier on the course, crashed and was airlifted to a local hospital, though she got to her feet under her own power.  After a Swiss skier broke her thumb, the training run was canceled. 

Although the weather shouldn't be a consideration in the Winter Olympics, it always is.  Earlier in the week, the freestyle skiing venue had a lack of snow. Now the Alpine venue has fog. The weather conditions can affect performances. These world-class athletes have experience skiing under every weather condition.

Skiing is a hazardous sport even with perfect weather conditions. These skiers go upwards of 90 mph down the hill, making it easy for them to lose control.  Skiing causes many injuries, and some have been life-threatening. During the Vancouver Olympics, delays in the Alpine and freestyle skiing will be highly possible. All the skiing events must be completed within 16 days.

The Vancouver Olympics should be as exciting as any other Winter Games if the weather cooperates.

-- Sarah D. Morris

Morris have been writing for the Dodgers website since August 2001. Since early in her childhood, she has watched and enjoyed the Winter Olympics and Dodgers baseball. She dreamed of being a sportswriter after completing junior college though she has cerebral palsy. Her articles can be found here.