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Golf and rugby to be among sports at 2016 Olympics

October 9, 2009 | 11:53 am

Imagine what a golf course in Rio de Janeiro would look like...

Lush rainforest grass surrounded by cascading waterfalls and singing vibrant-hued toucans? The world's best golfers will find out in 2016. 

The International Olympic Committee voted today to bring golf to the 2016 Olympic games for the first time in more than a century.

The IOC is also permitting rugby to make its first appearance at the Olympics since 1924. Rugby, which was voted in 81-8 with one abstention, received less resistance than golf, which was voted in 63-27 with two abstentions.

Some IOC members were hesitant to vote for golf due to the high costs associated with the sport, potential accessibility issues, and the fact that some clubs exclude women members, according to the Associated Press.

Tiger Woods, however, is reportedly thrilled, indicating in a taped message that he would participate in the 2016 Olympics if golf were approved.

"There are millions of young golfers worldwide who would be proud to represent their country," Woods told reporters from the Presidents Cup in San Francisco. "It would be an honor for anyone who plays this game to become an Olympian."

-- Melissa Rohlin