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More from Ryan on Ueberroth: No adversarial relationship

June 10, 2009 |  4:00 pm

After seeing my earlier blog, Chicago 2016 bid Chairman Patrick Ryan wanted to clarify what he had said about Peter Ueberroth having no role in the city’s Olympic bid.

Here is what Ryan said in an e-mail late Wednesday:

"I wanted to follow up on an important item in your Blog as it relates to Peter Ueberroth. When you asked me the question, 'Does Peter have a direct role with the bid?' I answered directly and honestly that Peter does not (as he is now happily retired) but that Peter is a 'friend of the bid.'

"In terms of direct role, I assumed you meant someone who has 'specific responsibilities' at Chicago 2016, which Peter does not. I used the term 'friend of the bid' as Peter has been very helpful in utilizing his vast network of contacts to help promote our bid. Peter has been very gracious in making himself available to help share our vision for Chicago 2016 (as evidenced by his recent WBBM interview) and has been very supportive of our campaign.

"Let me be clear that Peter is someone that I have had a very good relationship for 30+ years, and have enjoyed working with him on the bid. To in any way imply that he is not welcomed at Chicago 2016, or is someone that I personally have an adversarial relationship with over the years, is just plain incorrect."

My comment: I appreciate Ryan's response, and I stand by the assertions in the earlier blog, based on several conversations with sources familiar with the situation, that 1) there had been some disagreements between Ryan and Ueberroth and that 2) Ueberroth's hard-line stance on the revenue-sharing issue had affected his relationship with Chicago 2016.

-- Philip Hersh