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Water polo teams announced

June 30, 2008 | 10:22 am

The U.S. men's and women's Olympic water polo teams were announced this morning in Los Angeles.

Men's team captain Tony Azevedo and Ryan Bailey are headed for their third Olympic Games, as are women's team captain Brenda Villa and Heather Petri.

Villa and Petri competed in the 2000 Sydney Games when Austrailia scored a goal with 1.3 seconds left to beat the U.S., 4-3, and capture the gold medal.

-- Chris Hine

The rosters:

Men's team

Tony Azevedo - driver

Ryan Bailey - 2-meter

Layne Beaubien - 2-meter D

Brandon Brooks - goalie

Tim Hutten 2-meter D

Peter Hudnut 2-meter D

J.W. Krumpholz 2- meter D

Rick Merlo 2-meter D

Merrill Moses goalie

Jeff Powers 2-meter D/2M/U

Jesse Smith - utility

Peter Varellas - driver L

Adam Wright - driver

Brian Alexander - alternate - 2-meter D

John Mann - 2-meter


Women's Team

Betsey Armstrong - goalkeeper

Heather Petri - attacker

Brenda Villa - attacker

Lauren Wenger- all-around

Natalie Golda - defender

Patty Cardenas - attacker

Jessica Steffens - defender

Elsie Windes - defender

Alison Gregorka - defender

Moriah van Norman - center

Kami Craig - center

Jaime Hipp - goalkeeper

Brittany Hayes - attacker

Erika Figger - alternate - attacker