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Casey Anthony's slain daughter: Was she result of a date rape?

January 11, 2012 |  2:01 pm

Casey Anthony told a psychiatrist she believes her daughter Caylee was the product of a date rape -- an attack that must have occurred in the fall of 2004 after someone "spiked" her drink and she "blacked out" at a party, according to court records unsealed Wednesday.

She also told the psychiatrist that she was the victim of incest and had believed that her very own father, George Anthony, could be Caylee's father until DNA evidence proved otherwise, according to the court documents. Her father has always denied any inappropriate contact with his daughter.

The public has never known who Caylee's father is, and now it appears that the question may never be answered.

The revelations about Caylee's parentage are contained in hundreds of pages of documents made public Wednesday at the request of the Orlando Sentinel. The depositions were given by two doctors who conducted psychological evaluations of Anthony before her trial.

The depositions appear to lay out the beginning of Anthony's successful legal defense against charges that she killed her 2-year-old daughter, disposed of her remains in a wooded area in Florida, and then concocted a story about the child being kidnapped to mislead law enforcement. 

A jury found Anthony not guilty in July. The verdict outraged the nation and led Anthony to be dubbed the most hated person in America.

One psychiatrist, Dr. William Weitz, said that even though Anthony found herself pregnant at 18, she "never considered, once she was pregnant, having an abortion or having the baby put up for adoption. She wanted the child."

The doctor said that was a telling statement, contrary to any perception that Anthony felt like having a child so early in life "would interfere with social relationships, boyfriend relationships, possible job opportunities, travel, that having that child was some way limiting to Casey in her life."

A second psychiatrist who evaluated Anthony, Jeff Danziger, said he found no evidence that Anthony suffered from a mental illness. He said he was surprised by the finding.


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Photo: Casey Anthony, in an image taken from her online video diary. Credit: Associated Press