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'Sad day' as Blagojevich is sentenced and people divide 168 by 12

December 7, 2011 | 12:31 pm

Rod Blagojevich, before his sentencing, received a 14-year term.
Not only is Rod Blagojevich's life "in ruins," but he also has this to look forward to: more than a decade in prison. The impeached Illinois governor received 168 months in jail on Wednesday. It's a number that prompted people to divide 168 by 12.

"BREAKING: Internet scrambles to divide 168 by 12. #Blago," tweeted Aaron K (mbimotmog).

On Wednesday, the second day of his sentencing hearing, the former governor of Illinois  apologized to the judge, the jurors, the public, his wife, his daughters, his brother ...

“My life is in ruins,” he said, citing his "stupidity and actions."  Thanks to him, he said, his children's innocence was "ruined." "It's not like their name is Smith. They can't hide."

The Twitterverse was not without sympathy. One tweeter asked others to pray for Blagojevich: "PRAY for my dude #Blago, the Feds trying to lock him up for a long bid today" (@KwameKilpatrick). 

It wasn't as long as prosecutors would have liked. They lobbied for 15 to 20.  U.S. District Judge James Zagel settled on 14 years for Blagojevich's attempted sale of a U.S. Senate seat, illegal shakedowns for campaign cash and lying to federal agents. Under federal rules that say a defendant must complete 85% of his or her sentence, Blagojevich will have to serve just under 12 years, according to Politics Now. Blagojevich doesn’t have to report to federal prison until Feb. 16.

"Sentence: 14 years. A sad day" (bambenek).

Many others, however, were rejoicing, saying Blagojevich had been made an example and that he wasn't a model citizen.

"14 yrs for #Blago...He gone!" (djbobbymartinez).

"Chicago is a hot bed for corruption #blago just got caught he should have been more like Dailey" (PhaceGaud Adonnis)

Chicago wine distributor Candid Wines jumped on the Blagojevich bandwagon:

"What's in your cellar that you might open in 11-14 years when #Blago is released? 02 Pierre Moncuit Vielles Vignes in magnum would do it."

And others began mining the situation for comedy material: "This is odd: Rod Blagojevich's sentence is actually 2 years for corruption and 12 years for appearing on 'Celebrity Apprentice' " (franklinavenue Michael Schneider)


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Photo: Rod Blagojevich, before his sentencing Wednesday, received a 14-year term. Credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images