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Casey Anthony must pay $97,000 to reimburse law enforcement

September 15, 2011 |  2:29 pm

Casey_anthony_in_JulyCasey Anthony must pay $97,000 for sending law enforcement officers on a wild goose chase for her missing 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

That's what Circuit Judge Belvin Perry ruled Thursday in Orlando, Fla. The amount was far less than the $500,000 requested by law enforcement agencies to cover their costs of the investigation into Caylee's alleged kidnapping and disappearance.

Anthony, 25, was acquitted in July of killing her daughter, a verdict that outraged the nation. That acquittal followed a lengthy investigation and subsequent trial that riveted the nation; both were focused on what precisely happened to the child, who went missing in the summer of 2008.

Over the course of the inquiry into her daughter's disappearance, Anthony told multiple stories about her daughter's fate. Initially, she told authorities that her daughter had been kidnapped by a nanny -- an allegation that launched a vast law enforcement search and investigation.

The search for Caylee continued for months, until her remains were discovered in December 2008 in the woods near the family's home. At trial it was revealed that the kidnapping story was a lie.

Casey Anthony's defense team said Caylee drowned on June 16, 2008, and was later buried to cover up the accident. Law enforcement officials are now trying to recoup costs associated with the search and initial investigation.

In other Anthony-related news this week, her father, George Anthony, suggested on the "Dr. Phil" show that his granddaughter was killed by "chemical babysitting" -- meaning some kind of drug was administered to Caylee to knock her out so that Casey Anthony could go out partying.

It's unclear whetherCasey Anthony will ever be able to pay the bill that came due Thursday. She's been nicknamed the most hated person in America according to an online poll, so her prospects for employment remain uncertain.

But if she does manage to parlay her notoriety into a steady paycheck, she will be required to pay $61,505.12 to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement,  $10,283.90 to the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, and at least $25,837.96 to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, according to the Miami Herald.


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-- Rene Lynch
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Photo: Casey Anthony during a July court hearing. Credit: Joe Burbank / Associated Press