an American treasure
did somebody photoshop the hair off her pits?
sometimes that karma stuff seems to really work
Looks like its back to rehab. Does the attempt ever really works ? Not...evidently.
Cant this poor souls parents commit her, take custody of her, like Britneys parents did, and save her life?
That isnt good. Facebook is not interested in protecting the privacy of its users. This is bad with mail fraud, and identity theft on the rise. Doesnt anybody understand this?
It doesnt work to parody Lady Ga Ga because shes already a parody! Worst artist ever. Yes, lots of kids stood in front of the mirror pretending the hair brush is a mike or played air guitar. The difference is that Lady Ha Ha never got past that phase, but instead developed an obsession and ended up with severe delusions of grandeur.
That was brilliant. One of Weird Als best efforts. The Taj Mahal hat was priceless. He must have spent a fortune creating that video.
Very moving...Thank you. Bless you all.
on the losing end of her battle against sobriety. Is that really how you wanted to word that?