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Video: Reggie Watts blames Skrillex for ruining dubstep

May 16, 2012 |  3:56 pm

Reggie Watts in new Funny or Die video

In Reggie Watts' new video for Funny or Die, the musician-comedian draws blood early, when, after a quick introduction in which he announces a collaboration with Jack White, Watts declares war on dubstep producer Skrillex. "This one goes out to you, Skrillex. The one artist responsible for ruining dubstep," he says. "Here we go with a Skrillex tribute called 'Skrill the Hell Out of Here.' "

Watts, who's in the middle of a tour that hits the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood at the end of May, then begins creating an on-the-fly track using only his voice and a sampler/loop box. Starting with a sibilant high-hat, the New York-based artist moves through the sounds, building a stereotypical dubstep track. Wobbly bass lines, trippy, echoed loops, hard electo-sounding snare pops and all.

Then he starts singing/rapping to make his case: "Mr. Skrillex, I enjoyed what you did, oh yeah. I went to Burning Man four years ago, I heard a little bit of dubstep, I started moving to the groove." Watts describes how the music moved him before saying, "Now dubstep is everywhere, car commercials, Kraft products. Congratulations, Skrillex. Lick it up, get paid. I understand, it's nice to get paid. But you got to understand what you did."

After a few more choice words, Watts begins to focus on a new target: "David Guetta, where are you? David Guetta, you know what you did."

The whole clip is worth watching below. In addition to Watts' date at the Fonda on May 30, he's also coming to television: On June 8, he'll begin co-hosting a new show (with Scott Aukerman) called "Comedy Bang! Bang!" on IFC. Want more? Watch Jon Hamm and Reggie Watts build a song about the TV show "Taxi."


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-- Randall Roberts
Twitter: @liledit

Photo: Screen shot of comedian Reggie Watts in a new video. Credit: Funny or Die.