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Justin Bieber fans vote on the artwork for new single 'Boyfriend'

March 16, 2012 |  4:50 pm

Bieber post copy

Casual Justin Bieber groupies might have found themselves in a mental tug of war on Friday as the final hours ticked away for online voting for the artwork on his new single, “Boyfriend.” In an effort to create some frenzy over the Mike Posner-produced track, out March 26, the 18-year-old pop star is allowing fans to vote via Twitter on two photo options for the single’s cover art. The voting ends Friday, though it's unclear from the website what time it officially closes.

To the untrained eye, the difference between these two nearly identical photos seems inconsequential. Wrong. Each one tells a very specific tale -- one that probably says more about the beholder than it does about Biebs himself. Behind these two equally expressionless gazes exist two very different sets of values, thoughts and fears that are worth examining.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Photo #1 (left)

At first, this pose appears to be a classic Bieber. The sight of his hand mussing through his phantom curtain of bangs that he shed long ago denotes a nostaligic feeling for the past. This look would probably appeal to a young, naïve idealist who is as passionate about ending war as about the use of quality hair care products. Unfortunately you can only focus on one passion at a time, and a bottle of Vidal Sassoon is much easier to attain than world peace. The look of confusion and uncertainty might also attract a Bieber fan who’s not quite ready to let go of the Biebs' days as the innocent, underage hearthrob. The chooser of this photo might even be apprehensive about moving forward in her or his own life — moving out of the house, getting a job, buying bed sheets without cartoon characters on them. It’s a big world out there and maybe you just want to keep your shirt buttoned up and be a kid for a little bit longer.

Photo#2 (right)

It's hard to catch the averted eyes of the brand new bad boy Bieber. With the panache and wisdom that comes with 18 years of living, this is the kind of photo you take when you’re trying to show the world your newfound independence. Casting off the shadow of an outworn, sweetheart persona, you too might be looking for a change in how people perceive you. You're also the kind of person willing to take a risk -- after all, not everyone chooses to expose a tank top underneath a collared shirt unless he's willing to be judged. Lately you’ve been easily distracted (obviously) by something new and enticing that’s come out of nowehere. A new life goal perhaps? A new love interest? A shiny object of some kind?

Results of the voting for the new artwork for the "Boyfriend" will be revealed Monday morning. Careful, there's a lot riding on this. Choose wisely.


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-- Nate Jackson

Photo: Two options for the cover art of Justin Bieber's new single, "Boyfriend."

Credit: www.justinbiebermusic.com